Fikriy's Favorite Googler ! Uncle Daniel :)


Do you use Google 24/7 in your daily life to search things like, how to skin tomato and such ? If yes, then we are family :). I think life without Google is not describeable, unhinkable by now as it is the ultimate weapon to dig out useful information with finger tip. With pajamas on and coffee on the table, let's surf the world !

Now, do you have a Googler friend? Envy me, yes I do ! And he is one of a kind, generous, kindhearted, international friendships and most of all, he is the nicest Googler I've probably known. And he gave me final ultimatum to pay him a visit before he moved to Google Japan in Tokyo. He was working for Google Singapore. And I still live in Jakarta. Do the math now. Visit to Singapore sounds not too bad for my wallet's health, lol. So last year, four of us with 7mos baby, we made our self be amazed of Google wonder. And probably the coolest family trip ever. Me and my sister, with our husbands took some days off from work and became international tourists and meet our loveliest friend, Daniel. 

It started back in 2005, when Daniel and I became exchange students in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for a year. We were put in the lowest level of Japanese class and we spoke and understood none. Only a few of us from different nations. But it was the funniest class ever to be spent in the following 12months. Left us with friendship just like family. And Daniel is one of my extended family.
He even came for my wedding, flew from Dublin and spent two nights for a very short visit in Jakarta. I just wish when he decides to get married, it wont be in a far and exotic place like South Africa lol. So we can visit him too.

Back to the story in Singapore, so we were invited to come by and have lunch together at Google ! Yeeeeay, at Google my friends. And that rare moment only left us overwhelmed and happy to be able to spend time inside the inspiring office, and got all you can eat healthy lunch.
Thank tou, Daniel for the invitation. Hopefully it wont be our last visit to Google !

Enjoy the photostory below !

    So, please meet uncle Daniel !

    Welcome desk at Google Singapore

    A bit of selfie pose with Fikriy and Daniel before exploring inside Google office

    Daniel - Paklung - Maklung - me - ayah eko - fikriy the sleeping baby

    Whenever you need a break, play ping pong here !

    Ayah and me. Stunned, what to eat first at Google healthy cafetaria. And it is all FREE !!

    I just basically want to grab everything from this micro kitchen

    Isn't it lovely kitchen ?

    Though I dont play games, But I know Google is serious with this game room for its employees

    Need to work out ? Come to Google Gym !

    You can even play basketball ! Gosh, is this Time Zone ?

    Cute desk to have a discussion

    Need a massage? Let this magic chair do its job

    Daniel said that this is the best spot of Google Singapore

    Couldn't imagine myself pushing and lifting Fikriy on the stroller without Paklung and maklung on Orchard Rd.

    At Marina Bay Sand Mall to meet up with Ayah's friend 

    Are we tired? Of course, not !  

    But Paklung, lol

    Bidding farewell to us, Daniel came to the airport to say good bye.

    Four of us, exhausted of walking, pushing and lifting stroller XD

    Scenic Singapore

      I admire the structures here

    When there is Formula One racing, the cars are showcased here

    A long walk doesnt break our spirit

   Thanks to baby carrier !

    A hot day !

    Sisters reunited in a journey

    Cool bridge, nah !

    Happy baby !

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