Repeat, please

i dont remember exactly the date i got the news.it was some kind of unexpected thing for me. no reply for weeks. no hope,it might seem to me.

it was several weeks after my arrival in tokyo.almost winter if i'm not mistaken.and all i had in my pocket was not more than 1 month allowance and regular stipend from the university which would come no sooner than another 30 days ahead.

i was in desperate needing a part time job to survive and to have some fun for the next months ahead.then, i read the job announcement posted in the board at our dorm. an english teacher needed for part time job. teaching japanese students from different background for afternoon class.at the bottom it was written, "native teacher is preferred". Were i included in that category? I guessed not but still, i put an application for that job. And waited weeks long for a reply.

i did my routine activities,learning a very basic japanese language with another 7 students who knew nothing about japanese.and the teachers explained every single thing in japanese to us, japanese idiots.just great!

With that condition, i was trying to live my life to the fullest.getting up very early to avoid morning rush and heavy commuting,learning japanese like it would take centuries to master it,studying and looking for part time job.

Until one day i got a letter.written in japanese on the envelope.and i was wondering whether i've ever made improvement recently in classes.as i didnt understand the kanji words written on the envelope. Great!

I rushed to my room to tear up the envelope and read what it was written inside. Thanks god it's in english.

It started with

" dear nana san,

you are accepted at aki's english as part time english teacher. Your class started this week and you will be receiving xxxx yen/hour"

The llines went on with couple or more paragraphs,and ended with a map showing how to get to aki's english.

That left me like a happy puppy.not patient to start taeching english and get the money.(do i sound like a penny worshipper now lol).

i got off from the local train,at the station where mr.aki,the owner,said in his letter.it was dark already.and i managed to get there 10minutes early.didnt want to be late which might me lose the opportunity. No one's there and with such a kindergaten japanese i forced myself to make a call. Informing mr.aki that i was there. Waiting for him.

What did he look like?was he an old man,with hanging belly? Noope,japanese usually live a healthy life. Or maybe he turned out to be nice looking boss?wow! That would do me a huge favor,lol. What if he was a mean boss? Then i would just quit after my first salary,right!?

Then i saw him.approaching me.he was wearing formal suit.greeting me in english, "did you get lost? Was it hard to get here," he asked.

And i knew at that time, he would be a kind boss for me.

aki san,that's how i addressed him after that, became a nice professional colleague i worked with for another 9months.

And he addresses me as nana sensei, teacher nana,until now.