Unbearable sometimes.

Most of days, occupied mind stucks at certain period of life.
It's funny.
No matter how much we've left something behind, there is always pull factor that triggers mind to think of something.
From the past.
While we are here,in the future.

Trapped minds in one soul.
Trapped memories in one brain.
Trapped pasts in one future.
Trapped feelings in one heart.

Unbearable sometimes.

But i want to be able to point. When trapped,which exit door should be opened. Which ones should freed. Where the rests should be kept.

Unbearable sometimes.


The Anchor

I keep begging to Allah 
That one day, on a fine weather, i'll be able to walk with you
Or in a simple ride, i'd take you in the back
I will treat you some ice cream and snacks
And we both sit and chat, about anything. About your classes or mates or anything about you.  
I will just stay quite and listen to all stories. I promise to pay attention, a full one.

I used to be (i like to think that way) your centre. And you are (until now) the anchor that keeps me in balance. 
But it's funny though.. I feel the imbalance
I guess i forget to lift the anchor. That's how exactly i feel now. 
You are too hard to be lifted. It sticks already.

So, i will just keep begging Allah to give me that one fine day. Where we could sail the ship again together. 

I miss you as always, my brother. Just in case you don't know that.

May 9'10