The Anchor

I keep begging to Allah 
That one day, on a fine weather, i'll be able to walk with you
Or in a simple ride, i'd take you in the back
I will treat you some ice cream and snacks
And we both sit and chat, about anything. About your classes or mates or anything about you.  
I will just stay quite and listen to all stories. I promise to pay attention, a full one.

I used to be (i like to think that way) your centre. And you are (until now) the anchor that keeps me in balance. 
But it's funny though.. I feel the imbalance
I guess i forget to lift the anchor. That's how exactly i feel now. 
You are too hard to be lifted. It sticks already.

So, i will just keep begging Allah to give me that one fine day. Where we could sail the ship again together. 

I miss you as always, my brother. Just in case you don't know that.

May 9'10  

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