love letter for a person with the biggest heart

I woke up this morning and the first thing came up to my mind is a very special person that brought me to the world. Who has made who I am now. A person with the biggest heart on earth. It is my mother.

Today is special because she is celebrating her 50th and that seems to me that she's in her 30s. She hasn't grown old to me as she stays young most of the time. I mean she doesn't get old like I do. I am the one who has bags under my eyes not her. I don't know why :)

So, the only thing I asked Allah this morning in my prayers was that she'll be given all he strength and courages to pursue her dreams in life. I know that all mothers in the world put off with all he hardships they encounter in life for their children. And they postpone their dreams too. So I am asking Allah to guide my beloved mother in achieving her postponed dreams, and show her the larger than life things await.

I am praying harder today because I want to spend some of my-always-busy-life and dedicate it for her. I know that I have bad habit, we the children usually walk away from our parents as we grow older. But today I want to defeat the bad habit only for my mother. I want to stay beside, closely.

I want to send a happy birthday for my mom and to other mothers in the world who is now celebrating their birthday too!

We are no one without our mom...

I love you, mom (even I don't say it too often) !

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